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Palm Sunday Made Easy

Smart Palms™ from Church Wares Direct

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On  washed, pre-cut palms.


It’s easy to create beautiful arrangements with these decorative palms.Clean and convenient to arrange, each bag of Fan and Date Decor includes 4 unstripped palm fronds, 24” to 36” in height. The smaller Mediterranean Fan measures 16” to 18” high and comes 8 to a bag — perfect for any type of arrangement!

Just like fresh flowers, our Altar Décor Palms must be refrigerated until ready to arrange. For the best results, cut stems at a 45° angle and place stems in ice water three hours prior to arranging.

Fan Palm Décor 4/bag $29.95/bag

Date Palm Décor 4/bag $29.95/bag

Mediterranean Fan Décor 8/bag $39.95/bag


25 per bag for $29.95

individual Palm Strips

Long Double Palm Strips, 24” to 36”
24” to 36” palm strips from Fan Palms. Stripped and ready to hand out or to make palm crosses. Packaged 100 strips to the bundle.

$21.95 per 100 strips for the 24” to 36”

$20.95 per 100 strips for the 13” to 20”


1 bag of Fan Décor, 1 bag

of Date Décor, and 1 bag of

Mediterranean Fan Décor

creates this arrangement.

Two of this arrangement can be

made with 1 bag of Fan Décor, 2

bags of Date Décor, and 1 bag of

Mediterranean Fan Décor.

This arrangement is made

up of 1 bag of Fan Décor,

1 bag of Mediterranean

Fan, and 1 bag of Date Décor.

How to make a Palm Cross


The care and handling of palms

About your Palms

  • Open box immediately and check your order.
  • Refrigerate your palms on arrival! Palms are like cut flowers.
  • Do not allow palms to freeze!
  • Brownish tips on the leaves are a natural characteristic since drying begins even before the leaf matures.
  • For best results, cut stems at a 45° angle, and then place stems in a bucket of ice water for 3 hours prior to arranging.


SMART PALMS™ are Fair Trade Ecologically responsible.

For most churches, making responsible choices is part of the overall commitment to living their faith.